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img Huffmaster has earned
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During the stress of a strike  it is important that your non-bargaining unit employees, patients and their families are comfortable coming and going in the course of their daily affairs and schedules. Security plays an important role in providing a safe environment and orderly campus. Our Healthcare strike security officers will protect your facility, personnel, patients and their families.  Our experienced Huffmaster Security team is trained to specifically handle Healthcare strikes.and avoid unnecessary ULP’s while gathering needed evidence to keep pickets within the approved legal limits

Our uniformed strike security officers are predominantly ex-military personnel with extensive experience controlling and minimizing the impact of a picket line. We position our security officers in highly visible locations and strategically place videographers  to provide a deterrent and document any picket line misconduct to support restraining orders, injunctions or NLRB hearings related to the strike. These measures, combined with our thorough understanding of picket line behavior and dynamics, allow us to prevent most problems from ever occurring.

Huffmaster Healthcare security personnel also provide Secured Transportation to management, non-bargaining unit and replacement personnel. This service eliminates the stress of driving through a crowded picket line and reduces the number of vehicles crossing the picket line. It also reduces a facility’s liability and the possible injury to staff and picketing employees by having trained professionals driving through crowds.

When a strike occurs Huffmaster’s Healthcare security professionals can rapidly respond to secure your facilities, deter strike-related violence and support your continuing operations with:

  1. Picket Line Security – Our highly specialized strike security officers are trained to deter picket misconduct and, when necessary, keep driveways clear using defensive formations.
  2. Property Protection – Designed to help prevent sabotage and/or vandalism to your facility and equipment through high visibility and deterrence.
  3. Mobile Protection – Dedicated to responding to incidents and protecting mobile assets by extending the deterrence value of video documentation away from the facility.
  4. Evidence Collection – Highly specialized officers are trained in investigative and evidence gathering techniques, which include documenting evidence of picket line misconduct for use in injunctions, restraining order hearings or for employee disciplinary purposes.
  5. Command and Control – Experienced site management teams can coordinate every aspect of your strike security operation.
  6. Executive Protection – Our highly trained agents provide low-profile security to Executives, managers and/or family members who may be targeted for harassment during a labor dispute.
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