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Contingency Planning

Huffmaster pre-strike contingency planning focuses on Keeping Business in Business™ – no matter how severe the labor dispute. Our healthcare contingency plans are comprehensive. They address all operational issues including hiring replacement workers, outsourcing selected services, ensuring shipping & receiving of critical products, strike security and more.

Our contingency plans are fully customizable. By applying the experience gained from labor disputes across almost every industry, we can help you develop a plan that meets your company’s specific operational needs.

The work product you receive following our on-site contingency planning process provides:

  • Strike Staffing Matrix: allowing you to adjust your staffing plan to a cost-effective 24 hour model of high efficiency during a strike and also in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist threat or any event in which utilizing your staff under normal conditions is disrupted.
  • Cost Estimating Proforma: providing daily estimates for all operational costs including personnel, travel, housing, logistics and security. This detailed proforma  is specific to your operations and allows you to weigh the cost of a strike against contract concessions over the course of your union contract.
  • Orientation: a detailed plan to meet your requirements for content, timelines and expenses for on-site orientation prior to a strike.

Our contingency planning supports your organization in the following ways:

  1. Plan Development: If you are not sure where to start, our experienced labor dispute consultants will assist in the development of every aspect of your contingency plan. We will provide a structure, detail strategies and tactics, and provide recommendations based on Huffmaster’s best practices developed through managing numerous strikes each year.
  2. Plan Facilitation: To streamline the process, our professionals will meet with your entire management team, or with individual members, to answer questions or address specific strike related problems.
  3. Gap Analysis: If you need an objective assessment of your completed or nearly complete plan, our experts will perform a gap analysis to identify areas that have not been addressed.  We will also recommend alternatives that can be more readily executed and are more cost-effective.

Huffmaster can be involved in your strike contingency planning process as little or as much as you require. It can be as in depth as complete facilitation of the planning process or limited to a gap analysis on a completed plan.

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